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Citroen Relay L3H2

 Lily was designed for two or three people, with comfort, cosiness and functionality in mind. There are all the things you would need for a wonderful adventure on and off grid.


Lily has a spacious and a special feeling, she is a small cabin on wheels with conscious use of materials and an environmentally friendly vibe. With maximal storage space, hot water, a diesel heater and comfy beds you will be in luxury whilst you go fulfil those van life dreams. 

NC-2023-07-04_handkrafted-campers-commercial-0057-HDR 2.jpeg
NC-2023-07-04_handkrafted-campers-commercial-0092-HDR 2.jpeg


- 2/3 Berth 

- 110Ah TN Lithium Battery 

- 306W Victron Mono Series Solar Panel

- Victron Smart Solar MPPT charger 100/30

- Victron MultiPlus 12/1200/50-16 230V VE.Bus 

- Orion-Tr Smart Non isolated 30A DC-DC Charger

- Victron Battery Monitor BMV-712

- Victron Digital Multi Control 

- Inverted Double socket 

- 12V USB and USB Type c

- Mains Hook up

- Copper reading lights

- Lockable Fiamma Water Inlet 

- Underslung 84L  fresh /  62L waste water tanks

- 4kw Planer Diesel heater with Modem Remote control

- Fiamma 10 litre 12v Water pump  

- Fiamma Expansion Tank

- Underslung Whale Expanse water heater running on LPG and 230v

- Thetford hob double burner

- Gas locker with 6kg propane bottle

- Thetford Potti 

- Dometic Fridge  CRE65 Compressor Fridge Freezer

 - French copper jam pan and black/copper Tap 

- Thule Omnivent & Dometic Skylight 

- Ionic filter filtration water saving shower head

- Ample storage space

  - Electric & gas sign off

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