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Peugeot Boxer L3H2

For Alfie, the sprawl factor was top of the list, comfort for Jeannie & John and their three dog. Having a table and directional reading for writing was paramount as Jeannie is a novelist and we've no doubt will write some more incredible novels in Alfie. The shower/loo cubicle was also in the top three needs.


Alfie has two big beds, 6 copper lights, a bespoke sequoia (From Clifton) table and a flexi copper shower hose perfect for humans and for muddy dogs.


It is a dreamy build that looked at home amongst the trees.



- 2 Berth -

- 2 X 100Ah TN Lithium Batteries 

- 215W Victron Rigid Solar Panel

- Victron Smart Solar MPPT charger 100/20

- Victron MultiPlus 12/500/20-16 230V VE.Bus 

- Orion-Tr Smart Isolated 30A DC-DC Charger

- Victron Battery Monitor BMV-712

- VictronDigital Multi Control 200/200

- 3 x Inverted copper Double socket 

- 2 x 12V double socket USB

- 2 x USB Type c sockets

- Mains Hook up

- 6 Main Lights on triple switch

- 6x copper Reading lights

- Wifi On the road

 - Minirig sound system


- 4kw Planer Diesel heater 

- Glastonbury Burners

- Barratt Water Tanks

- Lockable Fiamma Water Inlet 

- Fiamma 10 litre 12v Water pump  

- Fiamma Expansion Tank

- Propex 25L underslung LPG tank

- Whale Expanse Water heater & control panel 

- Miss artisan flexi shower

- Moroccan tap & butler sink

- Thetford Triplex oven/grill/hob combo

- Dometic 50l compressor fridge

- Retractable Thule omnistep

- Fiamma F80 Awning

- 2 x Dometic sky vents

- Bespoke Curtains with black out

- Bespoke cushions

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